The Critic                                         Henry Walthall                                Dir. Gregory Hatanaka
Hidden Behind the Mask             Dr. Wolf                                            Dir. Nicholas Ryan Weber
Violent Blue                                     Jack Lawson                                  Dir. Gregory Hatanaka
InAlienable                                      Courtroom Spectator                     Dir. Robert Dyke
Hope                                                 Jack                                                  Dir. Heather Langone
Man-Away                                         Dan                                                   Dir. Rich Owens
The Baseball Card                        Tom                                                   Dir. Rich Owens
My Cousin’s Keeper                      Danny (STARRING                         Dir. Tom Woodruff, Jr.
Water Cooler                                   Tom (STARRING)                           Dir. Adam Burr

Star Trek: Renegades                   Admiral Atkinson                          CBS TV
Identity                                                Stranger (Day Player)                NBC TV
It Is Written                                         David Berkowitz (Day Player)   Adventist Media Productions
The Bible Proven                             Monk/Pharoah’s Baker (LEAD) Associated Television Int’l
The Freak Show II                           P.T. Barnum (CO-STAR)             The History Channel
Jimmy Kimmel Live!                       PETA Protestor (Day Player)     ABC TV

COMMERCIALS (conflicts upon request)
Vizio HDTV
Pet Products
Bally's Fitness
Fantastic Four DVD Release
Glory Days Grill

Lysistrata                                          Leander (Supporting)                        Bare Bones Theatre
Barefoot in the Park                        Victor Velasco (Supporting)              The Bad Luck Factory
Is This Your Neighborhood?        Hirum Hill (LEAD)                                Fortney Enterprises
Annie                                                 Oliver Warbucks (STARRING            Grey Lite Players
Seven Keys to Baldpate                 William Hallowell Magee (STAR)    Arena Dinner Theatre
A Midsummer-Night’s Dream       Oberon (LEAD)                                   Taylor University Theatre

All in Due Time                                  Psychiatrist (Supporting)                 United Compound Prod.
Is This the Right Restaurant?        Tom/Pizza Guy (LEAD/Supporting)     WFCV 1090 AM
So, You're in the Hospital?              Nurse Sitter (LEAD)                               WFCV 1090 AM
And the Next President Is?              Gov. Winford P. Barnes (STARRING)  WFCV 1090 AM
Remote Control Life                         Thomas (STARRING)                          Indiana Public Radio

Electroshock Therapy                        Dr. Shock (STARRING)              Great Ideas Entertainment

Reliable; Punctual; Takes direction well; No ego-related issues; Team player; Stage
combat; Fencing (foil, epee, saber); Tumbling; Swimming; Bowling; Medieval combat styles;
Irish, Scots, Cockney, Midwestern American dialects; Computers; Singing (classically and
operatically trained, lyric baritone); Tournament poker playing; Fluent in German

Alpha Psi Omega National Dramatic Honors Fraternity; Sigma Tau Delta International
English Honors Society; Excellence in Acting Award (portrayal of Oberon in A Midsummer-
Night’s Dream)
Ht 5'8"                                Hair: Brown
Wt 175 lb                           Eyes: Hazel
Guild Affiliations:  SAGe
Valid U.S. Passport
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