Technical Credits
Dr. Karnstein's Creation                    Production Coordinator                            Pecosborn Productions
The Crawler from the Grave              Production Coordinator                            Pecosborn Productions
The Vanishing Hitchhiker                  Associate Producer                                    Interstar Holdings
Star Trek: Renegades                        Associate Producer/Prod Coordinator  Renegade Studios
The Big Idea                                         Production Assistant                                 GRD Films
Foursome                                             Executive Producer                                    Great Ideas Entertainment
Caca de Paparazzi                              Production Assistant                                  Heather Langone Prod.
Daddy's Girl                                          Director                                                         Great Ideas Entertainment
Second Chance                                   Executive Producer                                     Great Ideas Entertainment

Nobility                                                  Production Coordinator                            Cowboy Errant
Intervention                                           Co-producer                                               The Rabble House
Kitty Download                                     Producer                                                      The Rabble House

The Lady with the Little Dog           Stage Manager                                            Bare Bones Theatre
Who Are You, Anyway?                    Stage Manager                                            Bare Bones Theatre
Second Thoughts                             Stage Manager                                            Bare Bones Theatre
Something of Silver                          Stage Manager                                            Classical Theatre Lab
As You Like It, the Musical               Stage Manager                                            Classical Theatre Lab
Phaedra                                               Stage Manager                                            Bare Bones Theatre
Joe Orpheus                                       Stage Manager                                            Bare Bones Theatre
Don Juan Dispenso                          Stage Manager                                            Bare Bones Theatre
Charlatan                                             Stage Manager                                            Sidewalk Studio Theatre
Aftermath/The Trojan Women         Assistant Stage Manager                          Bare Bones Theatre
Romeo and Juliet                               Fight Choreographer                                 Shakespeare from the Heart
All's Well That Ends Well                  Producer/Director                                        Shakespeare from the Heart
Godspell                                               Producer/Director                                        Ft. Wayne Christian Schools
Pride and Prejudice                            Producer/Director                                       Ft. Wayne Christian Schools
The Women of Shakespeare           Producer/Director/Editor                            Ft. Wayne Christian Schools
You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown! Producer/Director                                       Ft. Wayne Christian Schools
Arsenic and Old Lace                         Producer/Director                                       Ft. Wayne Christian Schools
Cheaper by the Dozen                       Producer/Director                                        Ft. Wayne Christian Schools
Narnia                                                  Director                                                          Brookside Community Church
Twelfth Night                                       Producer/Director                                       Shire of Shadowed Stars
A Midsummer-Night's Dream         Script Editor                                                  Ft. Wayne Civic Theatre
Steppin' Out                                        Dresser                                                         Ft. Wayne Civic Theatre
A Midsummer-Night's Dream         Sound Designer                                          Grey Lite Players
Closer Than Ever                              Light Board Operator                                  Grey Lite Players
The Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe  Stage Manager/Technical Director     Grey Lite Players
Up the Down Staircase                    House Manager                                          Taylor University Theatre
Gianni Schicci                                    Lighting Designer                                      Taylor University Opera
Our Town                                            Lighting Designer                                      New Haven High School
Pale Pink Panther                             Lighting Operator                                       Blackhawk Middle School
Trial by Jury                                        Lighting Operator                                        Mt. Carroll Players
The Devil and Daniel Webstier      Lighting Operator                                        Mt. Carroll Players
Colors                                                 Writer/Director                                              Mt. Carroll Youth Players