Cozmo's                                                      Blue-haired Judge                                       Curmudgeon Films
Star Trek: Renegades                              Admiral Atkinson                                          Atomic Studios
You, Me, and That Other Guy                   Phillip                                                             Sony
Unusual Suspects                                    Sal Gallavan                                                  Investigation Discovery
It Is Written                                                   Heinrich Muller                                            Adventist Media Productions
Identity                                                           Stranger (Day Player)                                 NBC TV
It Is Written                                                    David Berkowitz (Lead)                             Adventist Media Productions
Bakademy                                                    Goose Guy (Lead)                                      Japanese TV
It Is Written                                                   Nebuchadnezzar's Advisor (Day Player) Adventist Media Productions
The Bible Proven                                        Monk/Pharoah's Baker (Lead)                  Associated Television Int'l
Wild West Tech "Freak Show II"              P.T. Barnum (Co-Star)                               The History Channel
Jimmy Kimmel Live!                                  PETA Protester (Day Player)                     ABC TV